First impression and some issues ..

First of all , congratulations , the CP is indeed very fast and very easy-to-use and I like it very much .. :)

I bought a personal license and will probably buy PRO or Business and maybe more servers but there are several issues that should be addressed first..

1) first there was an install problem on centos7 with Mysql which stopped the installation , I got good help from support to install Mysql first separately and could move on after that, but it should be addressed..

2) since you don’t have activesync on email I will have to relay some domains to an external server, the option is there but it does not work , it gives an error 'The given data was invalid.' but there is no field to put in the data.. This is important for me because mail from the domains on the server won’t go out..

3) There is a firewall button but the feature is still under development, it is however a must that a server has a firewall .. So, also very important..

4) On the One Click Apps there is currently only one being Wordpress , I will definitely need Joomla which is what most of my clients are using..

5) I was locked out of the panel because the trial licence was expired and the system did not accept the new license because I had 2 packets. I can understand that some functions don’t work anymore with an expired license but lock you out entirely ? What with the users ? Are they locked out also? :unsure: What if your CC is expired and the license won’t renew automatically and you are on vacation and/or not available ? Like I said, it would be better block some important functions be not lock you out entirely .. #my2cents obviously ..


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Thanks for joining ZesleCP sharing your detailed views. Below are our answers:

1. Glad to hear that the support team already helped with the installation issue.

2. Currently, emails don't support active sync but you can use imap or pop3 for now, if that solves the problem. And, if you haven't done already, please follow this guide to install SSL on your Panel URL and mail server.

3. We already made "ConfigServer Security & Firewall (csf)" available with tons of configuration options. Currently, it's there for Ubuntu server only and will be available for CentOS in a few days. We will update it on our changelog page.

4. Agree, one-click apps are limited and we will definitely add more in the near future.

5. Upon licence expiration, yea will lock ZesleCP logins for all the users but it will NOT impact any of the websites, emails or anything else. All the websites along with services will continue working as it. And, you can always login into ZesleCP website to access your licences.

I hope this will answer your questions.