Digital Ocean DNS Setup

First off, I'm a big fan of what you are doing here. Really excited to try out this CP as it has everything I'm looking for in a simple interface. Definitely expect I'll be buying some licenses as I've got a dozen or so websites I'm looking to move off of Siteground and onto Digital Ocean.

I'm having a bit of confusion regarding the DNS setup though. I've created the droplet in DO, and I am able to get into the ZesleCP just fine, however when I create a domain on a user account the domain isn't resolving to the WordPress install, just to the "Welcome to ZesleCP" landing page.

I notice that Zesle has its own built-in name servers, but Digital Ocean also has nameservers which as far as I understand are needed to point to the correct virtual cloud server. I started off using the typical nameservers which resolves to the ZelleCP interface just fine, but not to the WP install.

Then I saw that in your Youtube video you used as the nameserver in the config. However, when I try doing it that way my registrar returns an error saying that the name server doesn't exist (I'm not using namecheap and my registrar doesn't have option for adding IP to DNS).

Is there something that needs to be set in Digital Ocean's DNS entries to forward/re-forward the DNS entry to the NS built into Zesle? Is there a way to just keep using Digital Ocean's Name Servers and actually get them pointed to the WP installS?

I appreciate any tips you can provide. I'm just finding the documentation on this quite lacking. Thanks!
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Hi Jared,

First of all, thanks for posting such a detailed thread and thanks for sharing all the information.

If you would like to use Digital Ocean's DNS Manager, then please follow these steps:
  1. You do not need to create custom name servers as mentioned in
  2. Leave server-settings to default here: (no need to put any custom or DO names-servers, simply leave example values as -is)
  3. Make sure you create user account and add your domain in ZesleCP
  4. Your domain should work by making the above steps.
  5. Additionally, if you want to use your Local Mail Exchange (means, your DO server to send emails) then copy DNS settings from to your DO DNS settings (mainly, copy over Spf, DKIM, Dmarc email related DNS settings)
  6. If you are using any 3rd party email service then simply put those values directly in the DO DNS area.

I hope this will help. If not, please create support ticket under your ZesleCP account