Bug Report: One-Click WP Install Uses Swedish Char Set Database

Just something you may want to address. The one-click installer of WP uses a Swedish character set for its database encoding: latin1_swedish_ci

It isn't really a problem until you try to use a plugin that needs to perform a search in the database. Then just nothing comes back from the searches because the database is expecting Swedish characters and getting UTF-8 mismatched characters.

Might want to adjust that to use a UTF-8 since it's more standard for the mostly English www.

(If it matters I'm using the Digitalocean marketplace droplet that came preinstalled with ZesleCP, probably not the latest greatest version)


Staff member
Hi Jared,

Thanks for reporting this, really appreciate it.

We will look into it and will update this in the next release accordingly.

Actually, I'm starting to think that maybe the plugin that did the database import may have somehow done this. I have another Digital Ocean droplet that I put ZesleCP on for a different site and that one is showing a proper utf8b4m encoding in the database. I wouldn't think a WordPress backup/migrator plugin could possibly change your database charset though. No idea how it went to swedish.

So maybe not a ZesleCP issue.