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I am using ZesleCp for now 7-10 days, i bought its Lifetime Deal months ago but haven't used it so far.

-I don't want to allow some plans to have backup option enabled or limit the number of backups.
-No One click installers (Only WordPress) Just add major ones (Durpal, Joomla, WHMCS, Blesta, ClientExec & few more of them)
-CSF or any other Firewall Integration
-Immunify Support for Malware related issue
-If white label is enabled, the add package still shows (ZesleCP Theme) instead of admin's brand name


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Below are the answers to your questions:

  1. Backup Center (Cloud backup) is already limited to Admin accounts only. Lower plans or end users can use regular manually Backup Manager only.
  2. WHMCS module is already available: https://github.com/zesle/whmcs-module (we will add more options and billing modules in near future)
  3. CSF is already integrated. You can enable it under Plugins in the admin area.
  4. Malware support is not available as of today.
  5. Please share more details (screenshot) regarding White Label issues.



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1. I want to disable that also
2. Add it as One Click Installer also. WHMCS Modules are a separate thing.
3. Plugin showing blank here's the screenshot : https://urlsh.us/Kthvo
4. Waiting to see in future updates
5. Branding changes everywhere, only while adding package it shows zeslecp theme as on screenshot: https://urlsh.us/vDObb


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1. Backup is one of the core features so it can not be disabled. May I ask why you want to disable it?
2. We will try to add more 1-clicks apps as we go
3. We received your Support Ticket on this and let's discuss it there.
5. It's a minor Label change, we will cover it in future updates.

Thanks for all the above suggestions, we really appreciate it and will try our best to cover these.