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    Root Password Reset

    Ok great, I hope it helps
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    Change PHP version

    Let me know, If you have more questions
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    Change PHP version

    PHP-CLI and domain setting are different. You can change cli php by following command rm /usr/bin/php ln -s /opt/zesle/ze-php81/root/usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php You can guide here to install any php extension just replace with your...
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    httpd.service failed

    Here some tips to debug the problem httpd -S.
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    httpd.service failed

    go to Server Configuration -> Server setting and click save settings If still same problem then Please share server root access, We will look into this
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    GitHub integration, PHP Composer y Node.JS

    Thanks for submitting these feature requests. We will definitely work on these in the future and will update on our changelog here:
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    Customize ZesleCP panel branding with our new White Label settings interface

    We are very excited to announce that, now ZesleCP support White Label branding settings out-of-the box. You can customize your ZesleCP panel to give it a look and feel of your own brand. See attached screenshot of new interface page. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact...
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    ZesleCP v3.1.18 is out with brand new White-Label branding settings interface

    ZesleCP v3.1.18 is out now. This new release adds new "White Label" branding settings page under Admin Interface > ZesleCP Support > White Labeling Read our changelog here and upgrade guide here.
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    Common asked questions

    1) What is the latest version of PHP you support? 8.1 2) What one click apps do you have in the package? Wordpress 3) Do you support MariaDB and Posgresql? Currently, MySql 8 supported 3) Do you have security feature like ModSecurity and WAF in place? Not Available 4) What mail servers...
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    Digital Ocean DNS Setup

    Hi Jared, First of all, thanks for posting such a detailed thread and thanks for sharing all the information. If you would like to use Digital Ocean's DNS Manager, then please follow these steps: You do not need to create custom name servers as mentioned in...
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    Installation fails

    Could you provide link to VPS provider, We will look into that
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    Any ETA for Roadmap?

    Sorry, We do not have any ETA this time.
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    Unable to change PHP Version

    Hello, All available php binary located at /opt/zesle/ If you want to change php cli version, You need to run following commands 1. first remove existing symbolic link rm -f /usr/bin/php 2. Create new link ln -s /opt/zesle/ze-php81/root/usr/bin/php /usr/bin/php Now, It should be changed php...
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    Slave DNS

    Sorry, ZesleCP doesn't support slave dns server.
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    ZesleCP v3.1.17 is out with support for file editor, .tar & .rar archives in file manager

    ZesleCP v3.1.17 is out now. This new release adds support for file editor, .tar & .rar archives in file manager and other minor bug fixes. Read our changelog here and upgrade guide here.
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    File Manager now supports a new file editor and .tar & .zip archives

    File Manager now supports a new file editor and .tar & .zip archives in new v3.1.17 version. Read more about latest v3.1.17 release
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    File Editor Feature

    Yes, we added file manager along with other improvements in v3.1.17. You can check changelog for v3.1.17 here: Thanks
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    About White Label for Pro or Business plans

    Hi, White label is an additional paid add-on. It will cost an extra 20% price on top of regular pricing. We can do some discounts for multiple licences. With this, you can remove/replace logos and will be able to upload your own custom CSS file to change theme colors. Currently, we are doing...
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    File Editor Feature

    Thanks for the suggestion. We will definitely consider it into upcoming features.
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    ZesleCP Module for Blesta

    Hi, Thanks for this valuable suggestion, we noted from your other thread. We will definitely try our best to fit this in for our future development plans. We already have full-fledged REST API: If anyone wants to develop the Blesta module...