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    Any ETA for Roadmap?

    Hi, any ETA for roadmap? and when can Usage Statistics be fully implemented? Thank you
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    File Editor Feature

    looks like file editor is already available on Version 3.1.17 amazing! I was impressed ZesleCP responded immediately well
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    File Editor Feature

    hi, to add to the convenience of users editing html, php, etc. , can you add file editor feature in file manager? thank you
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    ZesleCP Module for Blesta

    Hi! ZesleCP currently only provides a billing module for whmcs, but many people have started to throw it away. alternative is Blesta (see For that, I suggest ZesleCP make a module for blesta or contact them. or ZesleCP users can vote this thread...
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    Sub Forum

    Hi @admin , can you add a sub forum for Feedback & Feature Requests ? thank you